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Welcome To Laperla Jewellery

Gold Bars

Laperla's gold bars are an excellent investment option for those who are looking for a safe and reliable way to invest their money. The company's commitment to excellence and authenticity ensures that every gold bar is of the highest quality, making it a valuable asset for the future.

Welcome To Laperla Jewellery


Laperla is a renowned UAE-based company that specializes in providing high-end jewellery items to its exclusive clientele. With a commitment to excellence, Laperla has been able to meet the luxurious requirements of its customers and business partners, leaving them delighted and satisfied.

About Our Company

The ultimate destination for exquisite gold and jewellery

At Laperla, authenticity, uniqueness and transparency are fundamental values that underpin all its relationships. The company believes in building a transparent relationship with its customers and business partners, which is why it offers complete information about the gold bars and jewellery, including their purity and weight.

  • Laperla's most popular offerings is its collection of gold bars and jewellery.
  • We are known for our distinctive quality and purity, making them highly sought after in the market.
  • We understand the importance of authenticity, and this is reflected in every gold bar that they produce.
  • Laperla's gold products feature unique designs.
  • These are created by skilled craftsmen who are committed to excellence and creativity.
  • Our products are designed to cater to the most exclusive requirements of the market, with a focus on luxury and elegance.
  • We remain transparent about the weight, purity, and other specifications of our gold products.
  • We allow customers to make informed purchasing decisions that is appreciated in value over time.
  • Laperla's gold products are a reliable investment option, as they are high in quality.
Who we are

The epitome of luxury and elegance

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Authenticity Guaranteed

We guarantee the authenticity of our gold products. With us, you can trust that you are getting genuine, high-quality gold products that meet the highest industry standards.

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Uniqueness at its Best

We pride ourselves on creating gold products that are truly unique and one-of-a-kind. From traditional designs to modern creations, we have something for every taste and style.

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Transparency and Integrity

We believe in transparency and honesty. We provide all the information about our gold products, from certificates of authenticity to detailed product specifications.

Gold Bars

Our gold bars come in a range of sizes to suit different investment needs, from small fractional sizes to larger bars.


We offer transparency about the weight, purity, and other specifications of our jewellery so our customers can make informed investment decisions.


Investing in excellence with Laperla.



We offer products that are made with superior quality gold, and meet the highest quality standards.


Certificates of Authenticity

Our gold products come with certificates of authenticity ensuring their purity, and value.


Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing on our gold bars and jewellery.


Excellent customer service

We provide exceptional customer service, with knowledgeable and friendly representatives.

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If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please don't hesitate to get in touch.